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R$F Life Season 1 ep. 2

Pretty much a recap of our show at the Blue Note in Columbia, MO with Yelawolf on April 12, 2014. We performed live in front of an official head count of 1,050 people and they were feeling us! It was amazing, and the love felt from the fans was awesome! We also promo’d our ASSES off after the show, signing autographs and giving away free CD’s! We got a serious “W” that night! Check it out!

R$F Life Season 1 ep. 1

We’ve decided to start giving ya’ll (our fans AND haters) an inside look into how we’ve been living ever since we all started taking this rap thing seriously! We are going to document the whole grind from now until we make it to the top (We’re even gonna keep it going AFTER that haha!) REDSHIRT FRESHMEN WE OUT HERE!!!! #REDSHIRTFRESHMEN #RSF